The Building and Other Construction Workers

Labour Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh

Building and Other Construction Workers Act , 1996 Section 2 -D refers to the fact that building or other construction work, routes , roads , streets , railway , tramway , airports , irrigation , drainage , bank bonds , shipping , flood control works , work storm water drainage , electricity production, transmission and distribution , water -related functions ( for distribution of the water channel ) , oil & gas related installation work , electrical lines , wireless radio , Television , instant telephone , telegraph and Overseas communication channels , canals , reservoirs , tunnels , bridges - culverts , pipe lines , towers , cooling towers, transmission towers, have been incorporated in the developmental works. In addition to the construction, alteration, repair, upkeep or construction -related work down offers have also been incorporated. They would also include other tasks which may be announced by the associated government in due course of time , but it would not include the buildings and other construction activities upon which the provisions of Industry Act,1948 and Mining Act, 1952 cannot be implied.

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