The Building and Other Construction Workers

Labour Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh

Qus- What is the eligibility for registration in Building and Other Construction Workers Board?

Ans- More than 18 years and less than 60 years. Must have worked for 90 days in an year as a construction worker.

Qus- What are the requirements for registration in Building and Other Construction Workers Board?


  1. Passport size Photograph
  2. 90 days in the year to act as a Certificate of Construction Workers
  3. Proof of age

Qus- What is the procedure for registration in Building and Other Construction Workers Board?

Ans- Contact your local labor office to obtain the registration form and pay the required fees to get you registered.

Qus- What is the fees for registration in Building and Other Construction Workers Board?

Ans- Rs 50 as charges for registration of worker and Rs 50 as annual subscription.

Qus- Which are the financial aid and other schemes in operation for the benefit of workers in Building and Other Construction Workers Board?

Ans- 16 schemes-

  1. Child Benefit Plan
  2. Maternity Benefit Scheme
  3. Girl Help Plan
  4. Disability Pension Scheme
  5. Death and Disability Scheme
  6. Marriage of Daughter for Construction Worker Scheme
  7. Death & Cremation Assistance Scheme
  8. Skill Development Technological Upgradation & Certification Plan
  9. Pension Scheme
  10. Meritorious Student Scheme
  11. Critical Illness Assistance Scheme
  12. Solar Energy Support Scheme
  13. Mid Day Meal
  14. Residential School Plan
  15. National Health Insurance Scheme
  16. Sant Ravidas Education Assistance Scheme

Qus- What is the benefit provided for registration as a worker in Building and Other Construction Workers Board?

Ans- Family security, economic security, skill development.

Qus- How many categories of workers are there in Building and Other Construction Board?

Ans- 40 Categories

  1. Welding work
  2. Carpenter 's work
  3. Digging well.
  4. Roller drive
  5. Pouring shed
  6. The work of masons
  7. Plumber work
  8. Blacksmith
  9. Mosaic Polisher
  10. Construction of Roads
  11. The act of running mixer
  12. Whitewash
  13. Electric Work
  14. The act of running the hammer
  15. Tunnel construction
  16. The act of Tiles
  17. Well siltation ( sediment ) removal / Diving
  18. Breaking rock or mining
  19. Spray work or mixing work ( road construction affiliate )
  20. Marble & Stone Work
  21. Guard ( to provide security at the construction site )
  22. All kinds of stone cutting , breaking and grinding work
  23. Clerical / Accounting -work( employing workers as clerk and accountant for all types of work )
  24. Construction of recreational facilities including Swimming pool , Golf Course etc
  25. Construction of Dam , bridge , road or other work under construction activities.
  26. Flood management and other similar related work.
  27. Installation and repairs of Cold and hot machinery
  28. Installation and repairs of Fire fighting system
  29. Large mechanical tasks, such as - machinery , bridge construction , etc.
  30. Internal decoration work for Houses / buildings.
  31. Fabrication and installation work for Window grill , door etc.
  32. Installation of modular kitchen for household use.
  33. Community park or sidewalk construction
  34. Work on kiln construction
  35. Clay , sand , and mining of Sand
  36. The setting up of safety gates and other devices
  37. The setting up of the stair lift and automatic
  38. The task of carrying Cement , concrete , brick , etc.
  39. Mud work
  40. Making lime