The Building and Other Construction Workers

Labour Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh

The aim of construction workers housing scheme is to provide financial assistance to those construction workers who are very poor and do not have housing ficilities. The construction workers usually do not have enough money to build their house. The housing scheme conducted by central government provides benefites to BPL families. Since construction are poor but do not have their names in BPL list therefore they are deprived of housing scheme of the government even after being eligible. Therefore main objective of this scheme is to provide assistance grant to registered workers and their families engaged in building and other construction works. Under this scheme beneficiary registered worker is provided Rs. 45,000/- (Rs. fourty five thousand) as financial assistance to build their house on their own land.

Description of records to be attached:-

  • Attested copy of domicile certificate.
  • Attested copy of land ownership records.
  • If already a beneficiary of any other scheme of the State Government, no benefit shall be available under this scheme.