The Building and Other Construction Workers

Labour Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh

Objective of the Scheme

Construction workers come from various far-flung states and districts in search of job, and neither they have any place for living nor they have proper arrangement to cook their food, without which their performance is affected and has an adverse impact on their health.Therefore, once the workers around their workplace provided nutritious meals have a positive impact on their health and performance.


Under this scheme all the construction workers are eligible who are registered under Section 12 of the Building Construction Workers (Employment and Conditions of Service) Act, 1996.

Benefits and process

Meals shall be made available to the registered beneficiary workers at a fixed price of Rs. 10 / - or at modified rate amended from time to time. Workers shall pay the price of the meal directly in the form of cash. Except for the Rs. 10 / - paid by the workers, additional remaining cost will be reimbursed to the organization by the Board as a subsidy. The scheme shall be operationalized in the following manner:-

  • The task of providing subsidized food to the workers will be done by a non-governmental organization, which will be selected through a bidding process.Food prepared by the organization for distribution shall be made available through food stalls of U.P. State Employees Welfare Corporation at work site/construction site and the task of food distribution to construction workers shall be performed by the Uttar Pradesh Employees Welfare Corporation. Corporation will be paid fixed centage as determined by the Chairman, Board/ Principal Secretary, Labour Government of Uttar Pradesh.
  • Organisation shall be selected by the U.P. Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board through tenders with the condition that the organisation must have the Food license / Tin Number / Service Tax Registration.The regional office will be responsible for the operation of the scheme and the monitoring of the scheme will be done by the same.In case, demand comes from the regional office for the monitoring of the scheme, additional staff will be made available by the Board. The tenders of only those organisations will be accepted, which will have a capacity to provide food to at least 2000 workers, have mechanised kitchen for cooking and have the clean and safe transportation facility.
  • The tender given by U. P. Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board, will be valid for one year, which, may be extended by the Chairman of the Board.
  • It would be mandatory for the selected organisation to provide food til 12:00 PM on the stalls of the U. P. State Employees Welfare Corporation, located at labour points and other large workplaces by the Department of Labour.
  • Construction workers shall have to purchase at least 6 coupons at a time, from the stalls of the U. P. State Employees Welfare Corporation.In order to get food according to the menu, appropriate coupons have to be made available on the stalls of the corporation one day before till evening.

The quantity of food -

food will be made available in two types of menu, the quantity of which shall be as follows-

Menu -1

Sr. No. Item and Number Weight Calories
1 Roti-6 300 garms (Cooked) 1200 approx.
2 Vegatables-2 250 garms (Cooked)
3 Jaggery 20 garms
4 Salad 40 garms
5 Pickles -
6 Green Chillies 2 pieces

Menu -1

Sr. No. Item and Number Weight Calories
1 Rice 400 garms (Cooked) 1150 approx.
2 Plain Vegatables-2 125 garms (Cooked)
3 Pulses 250 garms (Cooked)
4 Jaggery 20 garms
5 Salad 40 grams
6 Pickles -
7 Green Chillies 2 pieces