The Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board
Labour Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh


The Labour Department is one among the various administrative departments of government. At the government level, its highest officer is the principal secretary (Labour). In the Labour Department in Uttar Pradesh, under the state level, people are employed at various levels to provide solutions for the problems of workers working in different factories in the state , industries and schemes.

The Labour Commissioner is the head of the Labour organization, U.P. He is also the Head of the Department of Labour, U.P.

Constitution of U.P. Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board :-
Building and Construction Workers (Employment and Service - bet Regulation ) Act 1996 includes the provision for formulation of State Welfare Board. U.P Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board has been established under the extended arrangement of Rule 256 in the Regulation of 2009 stated under the act of 1996.

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