The Building and Other Construction Workers Welfare Board
Labour Department, Government of Uttar Pradesh

General Information, Eligibility and Time Period

Building and Other Construction Workers Act, 1996 Section 2-D refers to the fact that building or other construction work, routes, roads, streets, railway, tramway, airports, irrigation, drainage, bank bonds, shipping, flood control works, work storm water drainage, electricity production, transmission and distribution, water-related functions (for distribution of the water channel), oil & gas related installation work, electrical lines, wireless radio, Television, instant telephone, telegraph and Overseas communication channels, canals, reservoirs, tunnels, bridges - culverts, pipe lines, towers, cooling towers, transmission towers, have been incorporated in the developmental works. In addition to the construction, alteration, repair, upkeep or construction related work down offers have also been incorporated. They would also include other tasks which may be announced by the associated government in due course of time, but it would not include the buildings and other construction activities upon which the provisions of Industry Act, 1948 and Mining Act, 1952 cannot be implied.

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